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Custom Content Videos for Event and Conference Planners


Publicize your conference, meetings, trade shows, training sessions, events, etc. with regular custom video email updates.


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Maximize Your Registration Campaign YOU already know your main event selling points. WE turn each of those into a 1-3 minute video YOU send out V-Mail updates as usual, but with much greater success. People are 68% more likely to watch a video than read an email You decide how many and how often. We customize your campaign videos to meet your needs. We create your V-Mail campaign quickly to your specifications. Customize Your Video Email With you we showcase the information people find interesting and useful, with the power of video. The event The keynote speakers (include brief clips of them presenting, or talking about their topic.) The location (include images of the city, the hotel, the amenities) which you already promote in your campaign) The exhibition hall (showcase your lead exhibitors) Sponsors (the opportunity to promote the main sponsors of the event, possibly an add-on) The hotel (rooms, conference rooms, restaurant.) and of course a CLICK HERE TO REGISTER link in each V-Mail
According to "The Guardian" . . small businesses that fail to include video in their internet marketing strategies will do so at their peril.